Aims & Objectives of Cooking:

The aim or the intention of cooking is to see that the food cooked undergoes a physical change, sometimes a chemical change and is acceptable for human consumption, with pleasure. The object of cooking is to achieve certain results such as:

1.      Cooking transfers the raw materials to an edible form;

2.      Cooking makes food materials safe for consumptions; cooking partly sterilizes food above 40oc, so that the growth of bacteria falls off rapidly and boiling kills the living cells.

3.      Cooking makes food materials easily digestible so that the cooked food is absorbed by the Digestive system;

4.      Cooking makes food materials more attractive in terms of test, flavour, colour etc. and increase its palatability (The property of being acceptable to the Palate/mouth);

5.      Cooking gives us the ability to prepare different types of prepared food with the same raw materials;

6.      Cooking increases taste and palatability.

7.      Cooking provides different dishes made from same materials;

8.      Cooking ensures complete meal, in terms of physical requirements and Use of various ingredients to provide a balance diet.

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